Pizza Hut keeps customers as warm as its pies with new ‘Pizza Parka’

Pizza Hut’s new delivery system includes a carrying pouch with three layers of insulation and, to show off their effectiveness at trapping heat, the brand is offering a limited-edition “Pizza Parka” made from the same materials, per a press release. Customers who place an order through Pizza Hut’s website or official mobile app will be entered for a chance to win the winter-ready apparel through the end of October, which the brand noted is National Pizza Month.

The red winter coat features the triple-layer insulation, an “order window” in the sleeve that holds a smartphone for easy mobile ordering and a splash guard to protect the wearer’s phone from the elements.

The material for both the parka and the delivery pouch was the result of Pizza Hut spending two years looking for ways to improve its entire delivery system in order to get pizza to customers in an oven-hot state.

Read more at Marketing Dive:


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