McDonald’s Rick and Morty promotion turns sour as police are called to angry crowds chanting ‘We want sauce’

Chaotic scenes have unfolded at McDonald’s outlets across America after the fast food chain underestimated the response to a promotion it was running for fans of the TV show Rick and Morty, in which it promised to bring back a limited edition, long out of production Szechuan dipping sauce.

The chain announced it would be selling a limited run of a long out-of-production Szechuan dipping sauce – which is referenced in the third season of Rick and Morty – for fans on Saturday (7 October).

However, the promotion quickly backfired when fans – some of whom had reportedly queued for hours – were told the sauce had ran out.

In some parts of the US, fans encountered stores that had not received the promised sauce and staff who were not aware of the promotion.

Police were called to at least one outlet after people in queues for the sauce began getting angry and chanting “We want sauce”, the Guardian reported.

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