KFC brand icon Colonel Sanders will make a unique appearance as a playable character in the “WWE 2K18” video game, per news made available to Marketing Dive.

WWE Hall of Famer, General Manager of WWE’s flagship program Raw and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will have two playable versions in-game, with one being Colonel “Angle” Sanders. The special outfit is only available to people who pre-order the game. The Colonel Harland Sanders character can be accessed through the game’s Create-a-Superstar play mode.

The game features were announced on Sunday during WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” event co-presented by KFC and the video game publisher 2K. WWE and KFC will show off the virtual Colonel in the ring on WWE’s YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown on Oct. 12, where Angle will face off with his rival Puppers Cluckers Chicken as portrayed by Heath Slater.

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