Welch’s Reintroduces Consumers to Its Farmer Co-op Model With a New Campaign and Agency

Welch’s is a company that has been making juices, jams, jellies and other fruit products for nearly 150 years. You’re almost certainly familiar with the brand, as its products line the aisles of nearly every supermarket and corner store in the United States.

But a quick glance at the category reveals an increasingly competitive landscape filled with smoothies, drinkable yogurts and supplements promising all sorts of unverifiable health benefits. It’s hard out there for a traditional juicemaker.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.36.53 PM.png

Now, Welch’s has a new agency, a rebranded campaign and a fresh marketing strategy to help it stand out due, in part, to a truly unique business model that has been unchanged for the past 60 years.

IPG’s digitally-led creative shop Genuine, which is now officially agency of record for Welch’s, launches its first national broadcast effort, “Farmer Owned. Family Grown,” today.

Read more at AdWeek: http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/welchs-reintroduces-consumers-to-its-farmer-co-op-model-with-a-new-campaign-and-agency/

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