YouTube Red Reportedly Close To $3.5 Million Acquisition Of ‘Super Size Me 2’

In 2004, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock showed the destructive power of a fast food diet in his documentary Super Size Me. 13 years later, Spurlock has created a follow-up to his most groundbreaking film, and YouTube Red may be the platform that brings it to the masses. According to a report from Deadline, YouTube is close to a deal that would see it acquire the second Super Size Me film for approximately $3.5 million.


Super Size Me 2, which carries the subtitle Holy Chicken!, follows Spurlock as he approaches the fast food industry from a different angle. Instead of attempting to eat as many unhealthy entrees as possible, he will dish them out as the owner of his own fast food restaurant. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Spurlock is now hunting for a distributor who can serve up his work to hungry audiences.

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