Mamba Fruit Chews “Mambot” Campaign Debuts from EVB

Fans of Mamba Fruit Chews will have a sweet new friend to help keep them engaged and entertained this summer; meet Mambot, the first-ever custom-built, walking, talking, fully-functional robot designed specifically to “Mambafy” things – or “make all kinds of things all kinds of fun.” Part lovable, bumbling machine and part creative, DIY assistant, Mambot will spend the dog days of summer cheekily challenging fans to “Mambafy”’ the world around them by engaging in the authentic world of maker culture through a variety of unique (and often humorous) challenges, experiments and activities.

Mamba Fruit Candy.jpg

Imperfect at best (and proud of it), Mambot will connect with fans via Mamba social media channels to not only suggest, but often actually demonstrate, ideas on how to Mambafy the world – from taking household objects and turning them into fun, colorful crafts, to composing beautiful original music (beep boop bop), to contests asking the community what to paint or draw, to helping Mambot craft the perfect Mamba-inspired sculpture. (Hint: when a robot tries to make art things can get messy.)

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